A medicine or treatment that makes someone who is ill become healthy

About Prani Health Solutions

Prani Health Solutions offers a wide range of medical and surgical services from a variety of corporate healthcare providers, to both international and Indian patients. As one of the country’s best healthcare service provider, we are committed to ensure the accessibility of best Indian healthcare system to patients from across the globe and offering our patients the Highest Level of Care and Medical Expertise at an Affordable price point.

Hospitals in India

India has 16 JCI (Joint Commission International, USA) accredited Hospitals and 65 NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Institutes, India) accredited hospitals spread across different locations of the country. In recent times, hospitals serving International patients have created separate department to manage them..

Doctors in India

India has highly educated and well experienced Medical and Para-medical professionals. Indian hospitals have specialists in a wide variety of fields, boasting some of the world’s leading cardiac surgeons, neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists, weight loss/obesity specialists, transplant surgeons and many more..

Treatments in India

India is equipped with latest Healthcare Technology and pioneers many new treatment options. With the presence of Advanced Medical Technology, Indian doctors can treat a patient through various techniques, be it Allopathy (with drugs), Ayurveda (with herbs), Naturopathy (with nature – Water, Soil etc.)..

We Do A Let To Make All The Childern Of The World Happy

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